Shooting ranges


Shooting ranges present unique environmental, social and economic circumstances and challenges, and technically robust and cost effective approaches to environmental management and remediation exist but are often overlooked.

Ground Corp is a recognised leader in the management of shooting ranges, including shooting range contamination, and we have developed a suite of processes, techniques and tools to facilitate our pragmatic approach.

We assist government authorities, peak bodies, clubs, committees, designers and facilities develop cost effective, robust approaches to shooting range environmental management. We assist with funding resolution, authority negotiations, litigation and facility planning, and developing practical guidelines.


We are partnered with world state of the art entities to ensure that our advice is practical and scientifically robust, and that our technologies are relevant and proven. Through our experience and network we have deep insight into advanced facility design and management.


We also provide technical advice and remediation services, including environmental assessment, management, weapons training facility advice, monitoring remediation and treatment.

Our specialties include:

  • Cost effective remediation and environmental management

  • Reducing migration, bioavailability and bioaccessibility

  • Maximising waste material recycling and value

  • Authority liaison and addressing authority notices

  • Risk based environmental management plans

  • Toxicity exposure and occupational hygiene assessment

  • Ballistic and projectile deposition modelling, including shotgun ballistics, safety templates

  • Shotgun contamination distribution modelling

  • Weapons training facilities advice

Ground Corp integrates socio-economic considerations with robust science, leading technology and practical implementation to facilitate genuine range sustainability.

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Technologies we implement include:

  • In conjunction with the Queensland Government we have developed a world leading model for the assessment of lead projectile distribution, the PelletPlotter  . The PelletPlotter provides authorities, range operators and range builders with a scientifically robust understanding of the distribution of shotgun pellets to facilitate strategic facility development

  • Working in conjunction with renowned research bodies and our partners, we implement a world leading, cost effective process for the treatment of lead and other heavy metals contamination, EcoShield  . This provides authorities, range operators and the community with a robust cost effective approach for remediating and managing heavy metals contamination. Find out more here