Erosion and Sediment Control

Ground Corp provides erosion and sediment control services to IECA, Blue Book Sunshine Coast and  local government guidelines. Our CPESC has also been a contributing author to the Canterbury  Regional ESC Guideline document and appeared as an expert court witness. 

We have over 25 yrs experience covering an extensive range of:

  • Civil infrastructure projects including an alpine resort development in NZ, the APLNG Gas export terminal, Brisbane Airport Auto Mall and the Minnippi Golf Links 

  • Linear infrastructure projects such as the GAWB utilities pipeline on Curtis Island the Sunshine Coast water pipeline and the redevelopment of the Peninsula Development Road on Cape York: and

  • Residential subdivisional bulk and civil earthworks projects of all different scales throughout Queensland.


Our Specialities

Specialties include:
•    Design, audit and CPESC signoff   
•    Soil sampling and analysis
•    Dispersive soils management Plans 

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